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The most popular software at FrontierDG is PCWin Speaker Record. PCWin Speaker Record was one program but now it's two.  The new version of PCWin Speaker Record only works with Windows 7 and Vista.  Since Vista introduced a new audio API, you no longer have to configure Windows to record the speaker output with the new version.

So, if you are using Vista or Windows 7 download the new PCWin Speaker Record.  If you are using Windows XP or earlier than download the old PCWin Speaker Record. 

PCWin Internet Radio Record let's you record incoming streaming broadcast- like SHOUTcast.  The Internet Radio Record includes preset stations and there's a way to add additional stations.  I can't remember right now how to add additional stations but I'll add more information later, about 'adding more stations.'

ISO Burn creates a bootable CD from a ISO image file.  Because ISO Burn reads the entire ISO image file to memory before starting to burn the CD, it will probably display an error if you try to burn large ISO image.

PCWin Recovery is an easy to use Windows password reset utility.  If you can't login to Windows because you forgot your Windows password, you can use PCWin Recovery to modify the Windows registry to reset the Windows password to a blank password.  The PCWin Recovery ISO image creates a bootable CD that boots the computer with Microsoft Windows PE so PCWin Recovery Windows Password Reset can reset the Windows password.

Ringtones Creator is really useful, for creating iPhone ringtones, if you have iTunes and can configure Windows to record from the speakers.

With MDB to CSV you can export database data from Microsoft Access MDB files to CSV files.  If the Access database is locked with a password, you can still export data and MDB to CSV will display the password too. MDB to CSV is really popular. I guess that's because it so useful. MDB to CSV processes the MDB file in memory so there is a chance that your computer can run out of memory while processing a very big MDB file.

HyperHide let's you to take control of your desktop by making any window instantly hidden or visible with the press of a key. Hide programs like Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, Windows Media Player and virtually any other program. Then with the press of a key make any window reappear right where you left it. HyperHide acts as a computer privacy shield. For XP and earlier Windows O/S.

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